Art Party Photo Gallery

                     Note: Choices of background colors are available.               

Yellow Butterfly
             Love Birds

              O'Keeffe's Flower

              Palm Trees
Green Pear

Poplar Trees

Three Poppies


                Happy Flowers


Flowers with bird
     VanGogh's Hillside

Abstract Blue Flower

             Bright Flowers


            Colorful Sails

              Poppies in Polka Dot Vase

              Tuscan Landscape

                             Red Poppies 

                 Red and Yellow Poppies

                 Mr. Sun

                      Birch Trees

                  Black Eyed Susans

               Autumn Trees

              Yellow Pear




The following images are suggestions for groups who desire to create special projects for their workplace, offices, lobbies, etc. They are designed to be fun, engaging and easy for any skill level.

"Reach for the Stars"

This unique piece of art is created from traced hands that are cut out from colorful papers and embellished with Sharpies! 
" We All Fit Together"

*Note: Customized color palette may be used to complement a specific decor.

Individuals put their own unique embellishment onto large 'floor puzzle' pieces. When joined together, this process makes a powerful visual statement of the value of each contributing person.

"Touching Hearts"
Simple shapes of hearts and squares, cut from decorative papers and collaged together creates a charming high-impact piece.
"A Golden Oportunity"
With a nod to  Louise Nevelson, this unique group project creatively utilizes recyclable materials to assemble a stunning wall piece of art that is sure to be a great conversation starter for years to come!

"Happy Hearts"

*Note: Customized color palette may be used to complement a specific decor.

Each participant works on individual canvas squares to create this cheery wall display. Simple hearts are drawn, along with loosley positioned vertical and horizonal lines.