July 23, 2013

Babies, Royalty and Resevoirs

Baby Gabey with Mimi
   The safe arrival of England's Royal Baby, has brought smiles and well wishes from around the world. Surrounding the birth of every baby, regardless of the financial crib in which it's head will lay, is a swirl of life and hope and comfort.  A baby is the glimpse of a promise for tomorrow.

  Have you ever noticed the way babies are like little magnets when taken out into public? They extract grins, knowing nods and gushes from even the most hurried shoppers. There seems to be a holy aura of pure love about their little faces.

  The bond between babe and Mom is a reciprocal equation in which love and nourishment freely flow and fill a deep reservoir


  This painting, below, is my most recent  Conversation with Paper Towels . In the paint stained paper towels, I caught glimpses of these two figures and pulled them out so they might remain in their sweet moment of quiet embrace forever. This is every Mom-of -a-busy- toddler's dream!

"Comfort Me" Acrylic on repurposed paper towel, 16x20' NFS
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I know exactly what you mean when you describe that priceless snuggle as the dream of every mom to a busy toddler. Well, my little one isn't a toddler yet...but she sure is getting too busy playing and exploring to snuggle much these days. I appreciate how you brought this boom of royal baby news back to how precious that bond is between any mother and baby royal or not. Well said, and as always gorgeous painting! :)

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