June 21, 2010

Behind the Easel

Durham Dreams: painting the dreams of Durham’s visionaries

This month’s “dream portrait” features the interpretation of Bill Shore’s dream for Durham. His dream  to see “young people know the opportunities available to them and to be guided through the maze of challenges that often surround the difficult circumstances of their lives.”

Four out of nine

Well, there’s four paintings finished and nine more still to be painted! Durham Dreams is moving along! What an honor it is to paint the dreams of these visionaries.Bill Shore’s “dream portrait” is completed and next month’s  featured dreamer will be Rev. Ernie Mills.

What does it all mean?
In this post, I wanted to take the opportunity to give the full meaning behind the completed portrait of Bill’s dream for Durham, titled, “Dreams of Opportunity”. In paying tribute to Bill’s extensive collaborative efforts of joining corporations’ assistance with public schools , I painted overlapping gears. There’s an intricacy to the layers of these gears, depicting the depth of Bill’s collaborative efforts and the breadth of his commitment. 
Got hope?
The overall theme and focus of this painting is the idea of having hope for the future. Choosing the female form to represent the face of youth, her uplifted face reminds the viewer to look up to see opportunity. She gazes at a flying bird overhead which symbolizes hope, freedom and movement. Her hopeful aspirations are represented by images of a key, an open door and unlocked padlock, as well as a door knob and keyhole. 
Don’t look down! ....Look up!
The female face looks upward and dreams. Orange and golden orbs, representing dreams, cascade through the composition. The orbs in the upper left of the canvas, have clearly defined edges which undergo a transformation towards the lower right  corner of the work. The dreams, clear and concise, while she gazes at them, transform her reality; the clarity of the ribbon’s edges in the lower right corner represent the dream becoming reality. 
A maze
The bottom third of the composition is laced with decorative maze-like detailing which refers to the “maze” of difficulties and challenges  through which many young people must navigate.
Coming soon!
I will be making this image, as well as all Durham Dreams images, available in print form within 6 weeks. It is my sincere hope that these “dream portraits” will serve to encourage and inspire many!
Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams become reality.


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