July 10, 2010

Behind the Easel: The History of A Mission to Help


History of the dream:  
This month's "Dream Portrait" of Rev. Ernie Mills and the Durham Rescue Mission is unfolding beautifully. Within one week I was able to open the canvas and reach a 75% mark of completion!
Rev. Mill's dream has been an honor to paint: "to rescue the discarded relics of society, mine the diamonds in the rough and see lives transformed into contributing members of society." In this post I thought I'd include a brief history of the Mission founded by Ernie Mills.                                            

Founded in 1974 by Rev. and Mrs. Ernie Mills, the Durham Rescue Mission is a  faith-based, non-profit organization whose goal is to mend shattered lives by ministering to the homeless and addicted in central North Carolina.
The Durham Rescue Mission
The Durham Rescue Mission originally began as a safe shelter for 12 men, but in time their men’s ministry grew to provide shelter for over 100 men. As the mission expanded their were able to open up homes for mothers with small children, single women and, eventually, families.
The Mission
The Mission is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They provide food, clothing, shelter,  vocational training, continuing education, job placement, permanent  supportive housing, and Christian counseling 365 days a year. With the support of individuals, businesses, civic groups, foundations, grants, and churches, they have been helping the needy and homeless for nearly 40 years.

 Here are a few more pics of the imagery I am using to convey Rev. Mills dream to see lives rescued and transformed: 
 This portrait of Rev. Ernie Mill's dream will be unveiled Fri. evening, July 16th at 5:30 in my Goldenbelt studio (#114). It will join the others in the series of the "Dreams of Durham" and remain on display until the spring of 2011. Prints in the "Durham" series are now available for purchase. Reverend Mill's portrait will join the collection next week when it's completed!


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