January 04, 2011

A "Magic" Key to Unlock Meaningful Conversations

This painting is one created from one of my "Daily Dreams" sketches. It depicts the idea that our dream is a precious thing that must be protected and nourished. (Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas 16x20- $85)

I have a confession. I hate "mingling" at parties. More specifically, I don't like "small talk". I  gravitate to desiring weightier conversations. Not that I'm an intellectual or anything like that. Gosh, no!I simply mean that when I talk to someone,  I want to really communicate with that person. This can be difficult because we humans usually keep our true selves safely tucked away. We usually hold that part of us in reserve for those we sense truly care. Even then, we open the door cautiously.

 Painting in a genre that explores human dreams, hopes and aspirations, I discovered a conversation -starter that has a magical effect: Are you ready? It's simply,"What's your dream?" I stumbled on this secret key quite accidentally.

During my monthly "open studios", all kinds of folks stroll through my studio. Many are easy to engage. Some are not so easy.One night, about a year ago, a cute couple walked into my space to view my paintings. The woman immediately gushed over the colors, meanings and stories in the paintings. The guy, a burly sort of fellow and about three times my size, walked through the room with a stone- like expression. He was probably thinking, "Get me outta' here!" After chatting with the girl, I turned to her stoic partner and asked him about his dream. I could almost see the levers being released over his countenance. He responded, "Wow...no one's ever asked me that before."He melted like chocolate on a hot day. He proceeded to pour out his life story, confiding his dream in a manner that was obviously cathartic. I discovered right then and there that thw invitation, "So, tell me about your dream.", was a priceless "keeper" in my arsenal against boring going-nowhere- conversations. Since that night each time I ask someone about their dream, inevitably there is a visible openness that occurs, causing hearts to fly open like gaskets under pressure.

Everyone has a dream. My dream is to create art that feeds those dreams. OK. I told you mine. Now it's your turn. What's your dream?


I have a confession: I'm exactly like you when it comes to communication, I just do not like "small talk" and all these social hoopla wear me down, down down.

I found your site while I was googling for images related to dreams for a written piece that will be published tomorrow. And I've decided to use the wonderful painting you used for this post. I hope that's alright with you! =)

If you want to see it later, it will be here:

Under the topic : Self-interpret Your Dreams


Hi, great to meet another "No- small -talker." I'm glad you like the image. Thanks for connecting and sharing. By the way, I love the layout of your blog!

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