June 24, 2011

Why Make Art?

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"Faith" by Eleatta (c) acrylic 36 x 48

Why Does the moon shine at night?
Anyone who's ever spent time with small children knows that one of their biggest questions is "Why?"  They ask WHY we do everything and WHY they must do some thing and not other things. They ask WHY rain falls or the sun shines. Wondering is one of the charms of childhood. If this state of perpetual curiosity would only cling to us into our adult years, we'd be so much better off! Losing this intent to probe for reasons, puts us on the slippery slope of numb mechanical drudgery.

"Why?" brings clarity
When we take a step back from whatever we're doing and ask ourselves WHY we're doing it, there is potential for sparking fresh clarity, thereby helping to cut away unnecessary activities .The answer to the "why" may also lead to greater inspiration, purpose and increased passion. The "why test' is a particularly useful tool to pull out when faced with what Seth Godin calls the lizard brain. (This is our tendency to give up, or to procrastinate or to make excuses.)

I Swallowed the"why"
Just today I applied the "why" to myself in order to garner the fortitude I need to push out a new series of paintings and blog posts. I pondered,"Why am I doing this again?!!"  I swallowed the question whole. I  asked myself WHY I was painting... and blogging.  As I did, I felt renewed motivation and energy. I paint (and blog ) in order to be a voice of inspiration and encouragement. Remembering the "why" got me past the "oh my!"

The "why" of Faith
In collecting my thoughts on this issue, I remembered the painting I did called "Faith." (See image above.) I painted it to be a reminder to myself and a visual motivation to others. Though she's not able to rely on her sight, she ponders her dream with her heart. As she does this, she gains confidence and boldly moves forward. In a sense, she allows her heart to ask "why".

What's your "why?"
Do you have a task or challenge to which the "why" question would help bring fresh clarity? I'd love to hear about it.

If you'd like a bit of inspiration on your wall, prints of "Faith" may be purchased here:


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