August 23, 2011

Giving Life

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"Giving Life"by Eleatta(c) matted for 8x10 frame- mixed media $35


   There are a few things I find myself telling my kids over and over. Besides the obligatory quips about diligence and responsibility, there's one that I secretly hope "sticks" to them long after I'm no longer a phone call away. That is this: Always be encouraging to others. I like this quote by John Maxwell, one of my favorite motivational author's:
 "Encouragement is the oxygen of the human soul." John Maxwell

I know I have certainly been the recipient of such oxygen. There have been countless times that I've  inwardly gasped for breath and a friend has had some sweet, kind word that caused my soul to be revived. What a great source of power we hold within us. Lord knows, we all need "oxygen". Today, find someone to encourage. I warn you, it has a mysterious way of backfiring. The giver comes away feeling a bit better too. Try it; you'll see.



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