January 22, 2013

Life Lessons: Hidden Truths Found in Art Parties!

The greatest life lessons are rarely openly expounded. Usually they are cloaked, disguised and tucked under circumstances and opportunities. Rarely do they shout, "Hey, this is really valuable stuff, Fella,! Listen up."

I've found a few of these "life lessons" even lurking in my Art Parties! I didn't go searching for them. They actually crawled out and found me! Since launching  Art Parties by Eleatta , about a year ago, I've been collecting and saving these little bits of truth to share with you! Here, I've lined 5 of them up for your parusal. They're in no particular order. Just enjoy! ...and let me know if you'd like to come observe them in person at an Art Party!

- Every day is a blank canvas.
Each time we rise from bed, we have a brand new opportunity to create the color, line, theme and texture of that day. It's a new day; it's a fresh start.

- Mistakes are fixable
Most of our goofs can be wiped, fixed, altered, repaired, forgiven or forgotten.  Painting is a constant reminder that Mama was right, "Don't cry over spilt milk." If there's a spot or blotch where it shouldn't be, don't panic, just paint over it!

- Lighten up
Don't take yourself too seriously. Relax and enjoy the ride. Studies show that when we try new things, we feel more "alive."Five year olds never need to be coddled into enjoying time at an easel.

- Life is a journey 
 Life is a process. As the paint is layered onto the canvas, step-by-step, I remind the guests to embrace the process. In a day of uploads, downloads, copy and paste, the slower pace is welcome relief.

- Be confident
Outlook and perspective can make or break a man or woman. My observation during Art Parties is that it is the mindset which is brought to the easel that determines the outcome of a painting much more than the "skill" of the party guest.
“As is our confidence, so is our capacity.” — William Hazlitt

These are the first little group of hidden truths from the Art Party room. I'll be sharing more soon. What do you think of these? Are you the type that views flubs and goofs as easily repaired or do you tend to 'sweat the small stuff?" Is it easy for you to remember every day is a blank canvas? I remind myself often of the ancient promise, "God's mercies are new every morning."

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