February 25, 2010

Behind the Easel

Yesterday I decided to take the painting in a new direction. Originally I was going to put a baseball player in the foreground but decided, after listening to my recorded interview , that actually what needed to be the main theme was different. The baseball idea would be too dominant. I am going with the aspect of "Durham becoming a really fun downtown walking community". I began the washes and layers of purple tones that will be a base for this impressionistic Dream Portrait for Bill Kalkhof. In trying to use the LCD to project some images, I decided to scratch that because of technical troubles! Ugh. But I have come to embrace all the twists and turns that creating a painting take me on in  the process of it's development.I'm really thankful for the constant reminder it gives me to stay flexible and pliable that I don't think I'd otherwise have! Anyway, the new idea I have is to explore the word "fun". Today I will work on some new sketches. I'm going to explore the idea of incorporating the major "landmark" buildings of Durham, incorporated into more of a fantasy type of composition. I don't want to just take existing  photos and translate them into purple paint shades! I want to create a town scape that gives a suggestion of Durham and is recognizable - but also one that when you look at it you just grin with a childish anticipation of wishing you could jump into it! Well, that sound kind of lofty but that's what I'm thinking ....today!


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