February 23, 2010

Behind the Easel

 So, last night I started brainstorming with pen and paper about Durham Dreams portrait #1. The dream includes bits of info like, "My dream for Durham is that it would be a place that my son, who loves baseball, would love to come settle. I want Durham to become a really fun place to live with a great walking downtown community...." Here's some images of my sketched thoughts on paper.

Today I bought the canvas I'll be using....always with my trusty AC Moore coupon in hand! If there was someone watching me try to load the canvas in my car, I'm sure they got a great laugh. I almost stand on my head to make it fit! (See pic!)

I'm asking each "Dreamer" to tell me an artistic style they like as well as a favored color palette. This particular one chose "Impressionistic" as a desired style and shades of purple as his color palette. Tonight I'm going to do some washes of purple, magenta and violet to activate the canvas. Tomorrow I'll be using an LCD projector as a tool as I reference various downtown landmarks in Durham and lay out the composition. Last night I researched tons of great images that are all bookmarked and ready to pull out.Painting in purples AND in an impressionistic style is going to be too much fun! Can't wait. Stay tuned....Off to paint purple!
See you tomorrow.


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