January 22, 2012

Design on a Dollar

Simple design: profound style
  My hobby is design. It's like a game to me. My toys are paint, lamps, pillows, wall art, and rugs. I particularly love the way principles of design apply to to interior decor as well as to developing a successful painting. When I teach on these design principles, I always highlight the particular principle of UNITY as the "big daddy" of them all. Unity is the trick by which a painting…or a room looks "pulled together" and cohesive. It is achieved both on a canvas and in a room, by a generous dose of repetition - repeating color, line or texture.

This lovely photo is from my friend Bethany's apartment and the painting is one I made for her and her husband as a barter for her event planning skills! I love the way their simple but elegant dining room is unified through the repetition of various tones of whites and creams.

Here is a pic of my daughter, Gracie's room. Recently transformed through the power of repeating neutral tones of grey and tan, it has now become a haven of rest through utilizing the principle of unity.

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Love it! Great post! And you know, your painting really does make our dining room it's very own piece of art- thank you for sharing your talent!

Bethany, you are so classy. I knew the painting was going to a good home! haha

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