January 23, 2012

My Dream Team

My family rests while I begin planning a Durham Dreams II!

Have you ever just been so thankful that it keeps rising up on the inside of you like a cork? Pulling together the Durham Dreams gala was quite a feat. Without my wonderful husband, family, and devoted friends, I could not have ever done it! I am so unspeakably grateful for their love and support.
What would I have done without my Faith and her beautiful friend, Lucinda?

I'm currently in the gestation phase of planning a Durham Dreams II. The thankfulness in my heart just keeps bubbling up, so I thought I'd just reminisce with you and post these pics.

The crowd made it all worth the work!

My friend Rita explains one of the paintings to Mayor Bell.

Laura Watts talks it up.

John's friends volunteer their night off to help me! Wow!

Beth and Anitra - so helpful!

Gene, you are the best!

Kelly,being careful to go over all the details.

Our friends are our treasures.

With Eric present, I just knew everything would somehow run smoothly!

Lilly is wonderful at mixing and mingling!

 We are one very tired bunch!

Bryan, my musical background for the evening.

Sarah and Adena adding their grace and charm.

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What a wonderful evening! Everything was beautiful and the atmosphere was perfect! :)

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