January 25, 2012

The Power of Paint!

I am more thrilled by a great thrift store than a giant mall. I love being resourceful. 
I love the hunt and the challenge. In decorating the several homes spanning our 30 year marriage, 
I have often proclaimed my allegiance to the almighty power of paint. 
A simple can of spray paint can transform trash to treasure.
And a couple buckets of it can create heaven on earth.

Recently my daughter, Gracie, and I transformed her bedroom from cutesy to calm simply 
by applying a blanket of "Lovely Grey". All hail the power of paint.

I say there needs to be a new twist on the saying, "Diamonds are a girls' best friend."- 
it's really PAINT!

                               And this is what Buddy, my lazy little dog, was doing while we worked!

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