January 29, 2012

Paper Prayers

A new palette for 2012

I love January, with it's invitation to start things anew.
I thought I'd share two of my "new things" for this year.
1.) to use a new palette of color in my work
2.)to openly share my sketchbook/meditation journal

I deliberately chose a new array of colors in my palette because I wanted to stretch and explore beyond my comfortable ruts. The new colors will act as constant reminders.

I also made a decision to "open up' my sketchbook and post my painted journaling process. This is a "two-for-one special" of benefits!

Firstly, it will hopefully encourage you as I share little motivational messages.

Secondly, it will help me not take myself so dang seriously! The pages are roughly executed and lack the polish of finished work. They are my raw paper prayers.

                                           I'm so loving this new kinda' blue addition to my palette!
                               Thinking/praying about the power of reciprocity: giving and receiving.

                    Thinking about hope and the power it has to "lift" our spirit, I scribbled the reminder to allow hope to lift. Sometimes I find myself too anchored down in fears and anxieties. So, I made a "note to self" to ALLOW hope to buoy me!

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