September 08, 2010

Dreams Grow a Size too Big

When Dreams Meet

Mark Twain once said, “Really great people make you feel that you too can become great.” I’d say this could also morph into “ People enlarging their lives in pursuit of a dream, inspire others to do likewise.” I’ve noted this trait in others and consider it a noble by product of dream pursuit. In the life of such a person, there’s a tangible energy that radiates from them.There’s also a magnetic attraction that draws others towards them. Because they are full of life, they pulsate life and draw life to themselves. This is the inspiration behind  When Dreams Meet.
I’m drawn to people with dreams. That’s why I am having a blast painting the Durham Dreams series. I have the unique privilege of getting to know some prety amazing “dreamers” in Durham! This month I am painting the “dream portrait” of Cora Cole McFadden, Mayor Pro Tem.
Cora Cole-McFadden, Mayor Pro Tem of Durhm, is September's Durham Dream candidate.
 I love reading books written by dreamers- broad minded, stout hearted people who have a knack for transfusing thie energy into the pages they pen. John Maxwell is one that I particularly enjoy. His life, lectures and books thump with life. His sincere desire to inspire the courage to pursue a dream penetrates his writings. In “Put Your Dream to the Test” he lays it on the line. He invites the reader to follow suit. I’m going to put my dream to the test. I don’t like traveling alone so I invite you to come along on this "dream testing" journey!
Introducing the book, Maxwell gives fair warning: to dream is to be willing to muddle through some deep unchartered waters. He explains that dreams don’t necessarily need to be of mammoth proportions in order to pursue them, but they simply must be bigger than you are. Actress Josie Bisset insightfully explains, “Dreams grow a size too big so that we can grow into them.”
Before we begin probing into our dreams, first we will have an honest look at the reasons it’s so difficult to identify our dreams at times and in the next post we’ll look at 5 reasons people have difficulty identifying exactly what their dreams.


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