September 13, 2010

The Power of a Dream

This is me working on the September addition to the ongoing series called Durham Dreams, highlighting dreams of individuals who have played a vital role in revitalizing downtown Durham. This is going to be the "Dream Portrait" of Cora Cole McFadden whose dream for Durham encompasses the health and well-being of its children.The completed portrait will be unveiled Sept. 17 in my Goldenbelt  studio in downtown Durham, 807 E Main St 6-9pm.

I truly believe in the power that's released through transparency of shared life.
A dream is a valuable commodity. It has the ability to keep our lives plump and juicy rather than dry and shriveled. It is like a precious, delicate thing to be guarded. To thrive it must be nourished. It is to this end that I offer this blog.

As previously stated in prior posts, I love talking to people about their dreams. I find the condition of people’s dreams expands a wide gamete. There are those who know exactly what their dream is and they’re able to map out their plans succinctly. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum there are those who look away wistfully when asked about their dream, as if their memory fails them in recalling what it was that formerly motivated them.

If a dream is vital, it is to first be brought to the forefront of our mind. If that is difficult to do so, Maxwell offers 5 reasons  why we may have trouble identifying our dream:

1.Some people have been discouraged from dreaming by others
2.Some people are hindered by past disappointments
3.Some people get in the habit of settling for average
4.Some people lack the confidence needed to pursue their dream
5.Some people lack the imagination to dream
I sincerely hope that in this journey, you will find encouragement. I hope you will begin to run toward one of your dreams. I hope you will develop an aversion to mediocrity and be propelled by new confidence. I hope your imagination runs overtime.

In my next post we’ll look at the first step in John Maxwell's Put Your Dream to the Test: the test of ownership.


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