January 21, 2012

The Message of the Violet

" Purple Passion"February's Birth Flower by Eleatta 2011© 12x12 Acrylic
Happy February, 2012! 
   Did you know February has it's own special flower? The violet is celebrated as it's designated "birth flower". In creating a series of small paintings on the topic of birth flowers. I was intrigued to find out that over time unique symbolic meanings came to be associated with each month's flower. Moreover, during the Victorian era, special "hidden messages" were conveyed in the giving of certain flowers as well. 

Hidden message of the violet
  The violet is said to be a symbol of faithfulness and humility. The "hidden" victorian code-message took on a variety of meanings according to color. Apparently purple violets spoke "I'll always be true!" and the color white whispered, "Let's take a chance and see what happens."

How things have changed!
  I am enjoying painting this series of birth flowers. I especially love uncovering all of the secret languages these flowers carried. In todays "In your face" communication style, I find these subtle, discrete messages so alluring!

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