March 08, 2010

Bill Kalkof's Upside Down Dream

I know you're looking at this and saying, "What in the world?"..."It's upside down!" Read on.

Life lessons from painting: 
1. "It's easier to guide a moving ship than one tied in harbor."  Once moving, it's easier to guide and to build momentum. I see this played out in  painting. Getting and refining the concept for a painting is like untying the boat. Once the boat is freed or the idea has crystallized, it seems to easily glide along and quickly respond to nudges and redirection..

2.One must stay flexible and pliable.  Change is inevitable. Change in mandatory. Change is predictable.Embracing this at the beginning of every day - at the beginning of every painting is really therapeutic. Learning to "enjoy the ride" sure makes things easier too.

3.Perspective is everything. How we view life's situations frame  our reality. Sometimes the best thing to do is step back and change the way we look at a situation - change our perspective. This lesson was most helpful today as I worked  on the Dream Portrait for Bill Kalkhof. I  gained a whole new inspiration just by looking at the painting in another perspective - UPSIDE DOWN ! While twisting my head upside down in contemplation, over the composition, I instantly saw things differently.I had a eureka moment:  marry the style of Monet with Dr. Seuss! I can hear you laughing, but you've gotta trust me on this! It is going to be AWESOME!

Do you have any "lessons" about guidance, flexibility or perspective? I'd love to hear them!


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