March 07, 2010

Behind the Easel

Well folks, this is a two for one special in more ways then one. I'm making two entries because Friday night was family night and I took the evening off from blogging although I did get some paint time in before family movie night started. The second entry is about the TWO amazing participants I interviewed Sat. morning for Durham Dreams. Then, of course, Sunday is rest day.

Friday night the "dream orbes" landed on Main my painting that is. These are always so much fun to create in that they are created with a light hand and thin washes of color that slowly build up. I'm considering a really unique twist to these orbs too.I actually had someone take me up on my invitation to send me ideas! Someone suggested putting people inside the orbes that are floating down Main St. in order to show folks coming into and being drawn into downtown Durham. I love the idea and if time allows, I'll definately incorporate this awesome idea! I now have two weeks to finish! Actually one week and 6 days! Wow. Time marches on, doesn't it!

Today I did another interview for Durham Dreams. I interviewed two younger representatives for future dreamers, Joel and Krysten McCauley. 

Here's their bio. I'm sure you'll agree, they are a great choice as representatives of "new dreamers" in Durham!!!!

The brother-sister duo, Joel and Krystin McCauley, believe that service and entrepreneurship 
can fuel the country’s economy. The McCauleys are putting their ideas into practice. The two 
co-own McCauley ENT with their parents, which manages their hip-hop group Relative-T. 
Relative-T brings a unique voice and persona to the music industry. They believe their music 
offers a “positive image and new sound” that caters to diverse groups and ages. The first album, 
“The Partnership” debuted this year. In the spirit of giving back, they decided to donate half the 
proceeds to the John Avery Boys and Girls Club Summer FUN Camp Program. Joel is highly active within Durham’s business community, where he served as a Black Wall Street Night host. Black Wall 
Street is sponsored by the Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce where Joel also serves as a board member. In addition, Joel finds time to serve as a basketball coach through White Rock Baptist Church and serve at the Urban Ministries. For his business acumen and leadership, Joel was selected as “MBA Students on the Move” by the Triangle Business Journal. Krystin started the first teen 
talk show for Durham, Durham Teen Scene, and also serves as a public relations and media officer 
for the Durham Youth Council. Krystin harnessed her passion for the arts while a student in the 
Hillside HS Drama Department. She recently piloted her own talk show, “Krystin Live.” Krystin is 
also highly active with the Boys and Girls Club. Joel and Krystin believe in Durham and the importance of service to the community. Both believe the youth are the future 
and by molding and serving that they can positively impact the future.

If you've read this far, you are a true friend indeed. It's therapeutic for me to write these entries. It's helpful knowing I'm not traveling this road alone.....or in this case, not painting alone. Thanks to all!


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