March 04, 2010

behind the Easel

Since deciding to incorporate the "dream spheres" into each of the "portraits" I paint as a signature statement, sometimes it has been a challenge to "see" how I should do so. Some of them, depending on the subject matter, have been easier to incorporate than others. The present piece, the Durham Dreams portrait for Bill Kalkhof, proved one of the tricky ones to weave in these orbs. I must say that with the deadline staring at me with intimidating eyes, I forced myself to step off the plank and dive in even before I'd figured that out! Usually I don't work like this. But, proving the saying my mom would often repeat,"It's easier to guide a moving ship than one that's stuff in the harbor." (One of my mom's sayings.) I was not disappointed. No sooner than I'd gotten the base layers spread, I began to "see" how to incorporate the "dream orbs". Once again, Mama knows best: "Just get your buns moving and you'll figure things out"....No, she didn't really say THAT, but you get my drift.

Thanks for reading this. It helps make my late nights not feel so lonely as I paint away the hours. I'm pleased with the painting thus far. But there's lots more to do. I'm going to put in several more overlays of color. There will be trees and people on the sidewalk and a few more cars. The "dreams" are going to look transparent - like bubbles blowing down the street. The "dream" represented is that Durham would develop into a downtown with a fun-to-walk-in  area where people love to come and walk, shop, eat and live. If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear!

Note: I MUST get a better camera soon. This little dinky one just is not translating color very well. Any ideas for one to buy?


This portrait is going to be AWESOME! I love it already!

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