March 11, 2010

Behind the Easel

(Note: This is just a section from the new Dream Portrait being painted of Bill Kalkhof's (Pres. of DDI) dream.  Come by to see the finished piece March 19th on exhibit during the next open studio at Goldenbelt , in my studio #114.)

Lessons from purple:
With Bill Kalkhof's request for a "purple" color palette for his Dream Portrait, I silently stubbed my toe on my own prejudice towards this peculiar color called purple. I had always tucked a judgement into the pocket of my brain that reserved purple for "old ladies" and ugly wallpaper.

 With the deadline of one month to create this portrait, I had to get over my phobia really fast. A funny thing happened. In blending the parade of red/blue combinations, I slowly began to feel those purple biases begin to fade. The more I "hung out" with this previously unlikable color, the more I liked it.

 I actually, the last two days, began to LIKE it , and to be enamored by it! In thinking about this, I couldn't help but make the connection. Spending time with someone we may have previously decided we didn't really care for, may result in a warm appreciation for their uniqueness.


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