March 12, 2010

Bill Kalkoff

The orbs have landed! The  Dream Portrait's signature orbs were begun today. Though you may have seen hints of them earlier, they were just light washes of color that I was using to work out the composition. With the arrival of the orbs, I start getting really giddy with anticipation. The portrait is on it's final lap as I tie up final touches for the "reveal' on Friday evening at my studio at Goldenbelt.When a painting reaches this phase of being so close to it's finish, I'm afraid I'm like a little kid who's made a gift and is so eager to share it with the recipient!  But I must focus and make the final touches  which will be cars, people, leaves and a few more floating orbs.

I truly feel honored with the privilege of creating these portraits for Durham Dreams. Knowing that I am putting brush and paint to canvas in an attempt to commemorate a dream of people who have labored with undeterred dedication to better a city is humbling.It is significant that the first official portrait should be of Bill Kalkhof, President of Downtown Durham Inc.One of the things that most moved me in interviewing Bill was his response to my inquiry about determination of vision even in the face of opposition. His wise reply was, "You just keep doing what you believe in - in doing what you know is right..."

Bill's portrait, when finished, will depict his dream that downtown Durham would become a prospering, fun downtown walking community that people would want to come and enjoy.Though the portrait has undergone a metamorphosis, the thought behind it has remained constant. I want to put all the images in a slide show to show the progression of the development of thought, concept and color.I'm itching to get to put the last touches on the painting. I see it clearly in my mind. Now to just grab some last pockets of time!

Thanks for reading this, sharing this and letting me know you're there. It really encourages me! Thanks to those who've emailed me.


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