March 16, 2010

Behind the Easel

Well, it's almost finished! So close! I'm only showing a corner of the painting here because I want to keep it "veiled" till Friday night at open studio! In the photo, you'll see an elderly woman "leading" a young girl. This represents past generations in Durham that have shared  Bill Kalkhof''s dream of seeing downtown become a thriving and fun place to live, work and play.

 At this point in my journaling of the Durham Dreams paintings,, I wanted to take a moment to share the story behind the Durham Dreams logo. The image is from one of the Dream Series paintings titled, "Lassoing Dreams". It celebrates the fact that just as no man is an island, so too, no dream is fulfilled alone. Durham Dreams, confirms this truth in many ways. Of course the restoration and rebuilding of Durham needed may hands and cooperation, and so did Durham Dreams! I want to take this moment to highlight my presenting sponsor, Wendy White of Futurewave Consulting, without whom Durham Dreams would only be a dream and not a reality. 

For years I’ve had the dream of using my work to inspire people to live out their dreams and make a difference in the world around them. Yet, it was not until I began working with a mastermind group led by Wendy White that I was able to really bring my dream to reality. She helped me get all of my thoughts out of my head and onto a "mind map" and develop a strategy.  (A mind map is a way to sort thoughts using giant sized note paper stuck on a wall!) From there I was able to get clarity on where I wanted to go with my business, and the actions I needed to take to get there. Wendy was with me throughout the process, giving support, ideas, sharing resources and always asking me to think bigger;
As my business and direction began to take shape, I did begin to think bigger! I became inspired with the idea of developing a series of paintings that captures the vision and stories of people whose dreams have lead to the revitalization of  downtown Durham, NC. 

The Durham Dream Project was born.  When I shared the idea with Wendy, FutureWave  adopted Durham Dreams as their 2010 Giving Back initiative. They became the driving force behind this citywide campaign to share positive stories of people who have had the courage to dream, and the passion needed to step into their dreams! 

I hope those of you who are local can come see the finished portrait on Friday evening at Goldenbelt (807 E Main St.) in my studio! #114,  6 - 9pm.)
Thanks again for joining me in this adventure!
Keep dreaming!


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