March 17, 2010

A Downtown Dream


Bill Kalkhof, your dream has come to life!...........Almost!

So close! Almost there. I feel like the "little engine that could!" I just have a few minor touches to give a few spots and that's all folks!....Well, that's all for THIS, Dream Portrait, that is! Tomorrow I'll  give a bit more definition to the "little pink folks" on the sidewalk across the street. They need just a little bit more shadow contrast  and some touchs up on the cars will also be taken care of to finish things off. Then I'll sign it and Voila!
Have I mentioned that not only have I conquered my dislike for the color  purple during this painting, but I have also conquered my dislike of painting cars!
 I'm going ahead and letting you see the whole image now. Aren't I nice? But you really need to come see it in person because my current camera I am using is not really showing me the color- love at all!  (Last night my wonderful hubby and I began looking for a better camera! If anyone would like to recommend one, that would be great! ) 
This painting has been an adventure and has really gone through a metamorphasis. But, I consider that fitting for a portrait of Durham. Wouldn't you agree? The biggest challenge, I think, was the color plan. Using the requested "purple pallete" was tricky in that I really needed to consider what other colors to incorporate in order to keep it from looking dreary. I think the finished piece, with it's bits of greens, blues and salmons,  does reflect the spirit of a hope filled dream of "Durham being a fun place..."
I puposely painted representatives of a wide age span into  the composition. This assortment shows a  favorable magnetic attraction for folks of all ages to be drawn to enjoy downtown. 
I have to tell you a little secret, too.  I painted our little dog in the painting. He's actually there not once, but twice! It's a little tongue in cheek message because we actually desire to move downtown and I thought it only appropriate to include him in the happy throng. Also, adding animals always tends to enliven a work. 
Thanks to all who are traveling along this journey of Durham Dreams! I always feel a little better, knowing you're there. ...Are you there?
This Friday evening is the unveiling of the painting at Goldenbelt! See you then, if you can!


Thank you for the "Dream Interpretations" segment. I can actually feel the different

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