March 23, 2010

Behind the Easel

N E X T!!!....Sheriff Worth Hill is the next "dreamer" for the Durham Dreams Project!      Yesterday I spent time reviewing the video clips of my interview with the Sheriff in my studio at Goldenbelt. The interviews conducted with each participant, serve as a rich resource in formulating ideas and images for the "dream portrait" that will become unique to each "dreamer".

 Besides getting to spend a few rare moments of quality time with these busy individuals, hearing their stories and sharing some laughs, I also gather three particulars which I combine to make a "dream portrait". In addition to conversing about their dream for Durham, we also discuss their favorite color palette and  their  preferences in artistic style.

 Sheriff Hill expressed his dream as a desire to see systems put in place that will help deter Durham's youth from poverty, illiteracy and crime and while also providing opportunities to be equipped to see their own dreams fulfilled.
 Inquiring about Sheriff Hill's favorite style of art or artist, I discovered his love for the art of ErnieBarnes.

 I have asked this question to the participants because of my desire to create a "portrait" that resonates with their individual  tastes. For Sheriff Hill, it has also served to quickly jump start the concept for his "dream portrait".  Barnes' art, which utilizes exagerated figure drawing, serves as the perfect springboard to incorporate similarly stylized figures that will be full of movement and emotion.

 The concept germinating inside my head is something like the cover on the box of the classic board game called LIFE. As I thought about the Sheriff's dream, I was struck by the recurring theme of assisting young people in understanding how to make right choices for their life's course. I saw a road with intersections(representing choices).

 I also saw road signs such as DETOUR and DO NOT ENTER (representing systems of intervention). I also saw images of schools, homes, town buildings,(representing the destination of right choices), contrasted with images of decayed homes and buildings (representing results of poor choices).

 Today's "to do" is to continue to sketch and think. I see this painting having lots of detail so it will be important to nail down the composition early. Tonight I will post photos of my "thoughts on paper".
 Thanks again for accompanying me on this journey!


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