March 23, 2010

Behind the Easel

This evening I did some "thinking on paper" on the plans for Sheriff Hill's "dream portrait". I thought you might be interested in seeing some VERY RAW ideas. 

Yesterday I decided to incorporate images from the theme of the game called LIFE and have scribbled some ink on my ideas as they've jumped from my head.

 Since the Sheriff's dream for Durham involves a desire to see youth equipped and guided in right choices,

 I feel the game of LIFE is perfectly suited and have sketched figures traveling along a "path of life" with detour signs posted in assisting these young travelers to make right decisions. 

( True confession: The perfectionist in me cringes to show these  ink marks I'm calling sketches, for they are literally thoughts on paper. However, for the sake of being transparent and truly allowing you to glimpse "behind the easel", I am squelching my perfectionism! Aren't you proud of me?)


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