March 30, 2010

Behind the Easel

  A close up of a section of the Dream Portrait for Sheriff Hill, reflects the theme topic, choices.

                                     " Every choice we make has an end result."  Zig Ziglar

One could almost boil down all of life to this essence of choices. It is here, at the point of choosing, that Sheriff Hill would like to see youth equipped with what they need to make the wisest choices for their lives. Though this dream is about the young, in my opinion, it is about the" older"as well. It lies in the hands of those who have lived more of life to help give guidance, inspiration, mentoring and wise counsel  to those who are embarking on their own journey called life. This is a weighty issue and one too big to address here. Besides I'm supposed to be writing about my painting!
  Yesterday I transferred the composition plan form the sketchpad to the canvas and began laying in the base colors. I am really pleased thus far and am excited about the end results to come! On the side of this post you'll see the "after' pic of the sketch. Folded into eighths with grid lines and guide dots, it has served it's purpose well. It has guided me through the navigation of a blank canvas. This is actually a great analogy of what I'd like my life to be for my children -a life folded, marked and dotted so as to help provide a reference grid for them.


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