March 28, 2010

Behind the Easel

I don't think I'll ever grow tired of the magic of a blank sheet of paper. I know exactly where this love affair started. It was in the back of Mrs. Ball's first grade classroom. When lessons were completed students were allowed to choose an activity. I considered that little easel with it's endless roll of blank paper to be completely mine. When I stood at it, I entered another world. I won't say how many years ago that was, but I will say the affect is the same today.
 I do my best to pass on my affection for the blank piece of paper to the art students I teach at Trinity School. One of my goals is to instill in them an eagerness to dive into the possibilities and not be intimidated by it's utter blankness! I tell them over and over, " It is your kingdom. You rule over it's borders!" That usually gets them going!
 Today's dose of work for Durham Dreams was to draw out a refined composition in my 18'x24' sketchpad that will be transferred to the 38"x48" now waiting in my studio. As I opened my larger size drawing pad to do this, I was stirred afresh with my simple love of making marks on blank paper (and just had to tell you). Anyway, I am so excited to implement this painting. I think it's going to be a really positive message about choices and consequences.
 If you remember in a previous post, I mentioned Sherif Hill conveyed admiration for the artistic style of ErnieBarnes. Therefore in this plan for the next Dream Portrait, I have exaggerated arm gestures in honor of the Sheriff's request. The composition has been simplified from earlier in that I wanted the focus to be the idea of youth making decisions between two paths and the struggle that often occurs. I feel I've worked out most of the composition's kinks and am now only faced with one last consideration. What  two words should I place on the sign up above the map? any suggestions out there? I don't want anything too obvious - like "good / bad", but I want it to convey the fact they are considering two paths. I'd really appreciate your input!
Thanks for keeping me company along the journey of Durham Dreams!


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