April 05, 2010

Decisions! Decisions!

"Decisions! Decisions!", the title for the next Durham Dreams portrait, will be finished in a few days!
Sheriff Hill's desire for the youth of Durham to be equipped to make good, wise decisions about their future  purposefully features a car load of friends jostling to be heard as a decision is made concerning the direction of their path. Friends are pivotal. Friends can make or break a young person.Therefore, I chose to represent the Sheriff's dream with a group rather than a solitary youth. It is in the crucible called, " friendships" that choices are made which prove wise or unwise. The path before a group of friends can  either lead toward poverty, illiteracy and crime or prosperity, education and success, often depending on the friends a youth chooses.
It has been said, "You are what you eat." It can equally be argued that "You tend to become like who you associate with."

Today's work on the Sheriff's "Dream Portrait", included shading and embellishments that reflect the game, LIFE.

April 16th is the grand unveiling of this new addition of Durham Dreams at my Goldenbelt studio! There will be a special reception for those who come from 6:30 - 7:30. This will be the second installation in this ongoing series of the "Dreamers" in Durham!. There will be 10 more after the Sheriff's is completed!

Thanks for your company in this journey!



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