April 23, 2010

Behind the Easel

I remember how I felt on Valentine's Day when I was growing up. Upon rising I knew I'd have a (small) box of Whitman's chocolates waiting at my place at the breakfast table. I was giddy. But I was tortured. I had to wait till the evening after dinner to be able to bite into the decadent morsels of chocolate goodness. This morning I finished the color sketch for Mary Ann Black's Durham Dream portrait. It is delicious. But I've been tortured by not being able to dig into it's luscious colors till Saturday afternoon because of commitments and responsibilities. Oh, but I can hardly wait!This painting delights my senses and I am straining to control myself from pulling an "all nighter" in order to dive in! But alas, I am too old for such extravagant time gestures. I must wait. 

The inspiration for this painting came so quickly! I "see" it totally finished even right this moment in my mind's eye! It is going to be a real jewel of a painting.literally and figuratively. Literally, it is going to be made up of rich jewel tones of blues. Figuratively, it is going to use gems as a metaphorical symbol for the portion of Mrs. Black's dream of seeing Durham as 'one of the healthiest cities in the world".Three dancing figures will represent the three components of health express in Mary Ann's dream: physical health, financial health and spiritual health.

Jewels are also fitting to represent the dream of such an incredible "gem" of an individual as Mary Ann Black. All who know her speak with high regard for her character, demeanor, knowledge, leadership and compassion.

So, tomorrow I will open the box of chocolates....uhhh.... the tubes of Cobalt blue!

Thanks for joining me in this journey! 


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