April 29, 2010

Behind the Easel

Since I was working on the emotions shown in one of the figures for Mary Ann Black's "dream portrait", I thought I'd share this fun clip I found on Youtube about the amazing range of our emotions - here demonstrated by an eager young toddler! 
The human face is fascinating, isn't it? I love to watch people's faces. In a single tilt of an eyebrow, volumes can be spoken. The slightest crook of the mouth, conveys a meaning.
 I love introducing the students I teach to the wonders of the range in human facial expression.In a particular unit I teach on the emotional language of color, students are given mirrors and are encouraged to make happy, sad, angry, surprised faces. After noticing the position of eyebrows, lips, cheek muscled, they become fascinated and interpret these observations in some incredible chalk renderings.
 Last night's work on the "dream portrait" for Mary Ann Black reminded me of just how much can be told through the human visage. The dancer who represents "financial health" (one of the components in her dream for Durham), was the focus of my effort. My goal was to convey a message of confidence and dignity. In my mind, I wanted to relay the message that the financial health of Durham would be stable and secure with an assured eye to the future.


I love this new dream Eleatta! It is amazing how you can recreate what someone else sees into something so beautiful.

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