May 04, 2010

Behind the Easel

Durham Dreamer for the month of May: Mary Ann Black
Her dream for Durham: " see Durham become one of the healthiest cities in the world. I define healthy as in the three aspects: physically, financially and spiritually I also desire to see Durham as a thriving city that loves, cherishes and fully embraces itself in all of it's diversity."

In continuing my work on Mary Ann's "dream portrait" (it's now at about the half way point) , I reworked the dancing figure representing "spiritual health". I thought it interesting that in developing the figures that represent physical and financial health, I'd zipped right along with little variance from my initial sketches. However, the "spiritual" figure posed a conundrum for me. I reworked the tilt of her head and the direction of her gaze, along with the angle of her arm and hand. As I painted, I thought about the parallels these adjustments have with the implications of the word, "spiritual". In my opinion, the person who exudes spirituality has a predisposition to be outward and other focused, offering their actions as a demonstration of their convictions. For the person attuned to their spiritual nature, their view the world and their actions towards those around them, seems to be affected in a tangible manner. 

I am painting the "spiritual" dancer gazing out at the viewer. Her message can be interpreted as a reminder to the viewer to live their life in such a way as to transcend the physical limitations of humanity. 

The "dream portrait" will be completed and unveiled May 21st at my studio in Goldenbelt studio #114 (807 E Main, Durham, NC). There will be a reception from 6:30 -7:30 to honor the dream of this amazing woman, Mary Ann Black.


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