June 04, 2010

A Dream of Hope

Durham Dreams: painting the dreams of Durham’s leaders
This month’s “dream portrait” features the interpretation of Bill Shore’s dream for Durham. His dream : to see “young people know the opportunities available to them and to be guided through the maze of challenges that often surround their home life.”
 The Dream’s Interpretation
Firstly, I must make a disclaimer that these are simply my own thoughts of interpretations. I’m sure there are many other perspectives that might be considered!

Seeing opportunities
In painting this dream, I have considered what  facilitates “seeing” opportunities. The thought that came to me is this: In order to contemplate the possibility of change, no matter what the situation, one must change the direction of  focus. If there is going to be any type of change or transition, one must purposefully stop looking at the defeat -filled problem and turn their gaze onto something that holds potential for change. Therefore, I am composing two figures, one male and one female, with their gazes fixed upward as if in anticipation or contemplation.
Next, in considering opportunities, I thought it fitting to use symbols that would represent the aspect of work and effort. For these two ingredients are the companions to opportunity. Representing these, I am painting interlocking gears in various sizes to connote the variable degrees of labor involved in creating a  life-transition.
Seeds of hope
Interestingly, I find myself getting so caught up in each of these dreams in Durham Dreams as I paint them, that I begin to feel the burden of bringing them to fruition. But, alas, I shake myself,  being reminded that I am simply the painter! It is my deepest desire, however, that these images would somehow spread like seeds of hope across Durham and that there would be a surge of future passionate leaders that will pick up the baton handed off by these Durham Dreamers, and that they would run the race even harder and help build upon the vision of these paintings! That is actually MY dream!
Encouragement for your dreams!
What is YOUR dream? In this section I am posting fertilizer for your dreams to grow!
Tonight’s thought :
The future belongs to those who believe in (the beauty of) their dreams. ~ Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Pick your dream carefully because we can become no larger than our vision. The size of your dream limits the size of your accomplishments. Although poor eyes limit what we can see, poor vision limits what we can do.
Eleanor Roosevelt
May you continue to have  Abundant Dreams in Blue !


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