June 08, 2010

Behind the Easel

Durham Dreams: painting the dreams of Durham’s visionaries
This month’s “dream portrait” features the interpretation of Bill Shore’s dream for Durham. His dream : to see “young people know the opportunities available to them and to be guided through the maze of challenges that often surround difficult  circumstances of their lives.”
Unfolding the interpretation:
In unfolding the symbolic elements for Bill Shore’s noble dream  of assisting the young people of Durham, I have chosen to use a repeated motif of gears. These gears not only suggest the work and labor involved in creating and seizing opportunities, that also suggest the interlocking collaborative efforts Bill has created in his efforts in collaborating with companies of all sizes to assist Durham’s public schools.
Unlocking the future:
When opportunity intersects with hard work exciting things happen! In order to create this message clearly, I’ve placed an opened pad lock in the “focal point” of the painting in the upper left quadrant.
My personal message:
It is my personal desire that this painting would create a feeling of hope and inspire fortitude in persevering through difficulties and hindering circumstances. 
This completed portrait of Bill Shore’s dream for Durham will be unveiled June 18th at my studio in Goldenbelt, room #114 during this month’s  “open studio” 6-9. It will be on display there and joined each month by the nine other Durham Dream participant’s portraits. In addition, full images will also be posted on my website after the unveiling.
Encouragement for your dream:
(In this spot, you’ll find inspiration for your own dreams. )
A friend of mine is an amazing motivational speaker. She’s one of those rare breeds that has the ability to make you feel like anything is possible. She recently posted a great blog post about biting off your dream a little at a time. I think you’ll like it - especially if you’re a chocolate lover like me!
What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. Johann Wolfgand von Goethe
Happy dreaming.


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