October 29, 2010

A Whole Lota' Thinkin'!

Today I share an insight I gained while painting this "Dream Portrait."It's actually a continuation of  the last post's topic of clarity ; besides definition, a dream must be pondered. Indeed the bigger the dream, the more pondering is required!  
 Click here, on the link below, to see a little video clip of  the process of making this  month's "Dream  Portrait" for the founder and CEO of the  Lincoln Health Center, Evelyn Schmidt. 

Yes, here is the link!..these little green words that turn red when you touch them! :)                                                                    
Evelyn Schmidt's Dream Portrait

A whole lota' thinkin"
Spending hours swishing my paint brush around on canvas provides me with time to think. Actually, I think I do my best thinking with brush in hand. While working on the most recent addition to the Durham Dreams project, I had a small epiphany: the bigger that a dream is, the more it needs perspective -time to step back and ponder. 
A vantage point
This is how I reached this conclusion. The composition of Evelyn Schmidt’s portrait was extreemly challenging to pull off. The perspective was intentionally unusual and the many figures posed a maze of compositional problem solving! I continually found myself walking back and forth across my studio to view the painting’s progress. It was only from the vantage point from across the room that I was able to figure out the next step to take to develop the piece. 
The correlation to a person’s vision is striking. The more intricate and challenging the dream, goal, desire, the more there is a need to unplug and ponder. 
What do you think?


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