October 31, 2010

Fantasizers Live on Someday Island

Dreams grow best when rooted in the reality of our strengths.

Philosppher-poet Ralph Waldo Emerson observed “ Shallow men believe in luck....Strong men believe in cause and effect.”
You can do anything! Really? Pole vaulting?
The pursuit of a dream is often hailed with the banner of “Anything is possible”. This tickles our ear and grosely misleads our efforts. The majority of those that audition for American Idol have bitten into this “Turkish Delight”. Evenhough the rose lense of “you can do anything” looks lovely, it doesn’t provide sound vision upon which to build a dream.  
A lense switch, please.
In John Maxwell’s “Put Your Dream to the Test”, he invites dreamers to switch lense from rose to clear and ask an important question: “Am I depending on factors within my control to acieve my dream?” He squarely hits the truth that dreams are best rooted in the soil of our strengths. Being potent enough, they contain the capacity to pull us into greatness. They best grow from our strong traits; they do not exist in Fantasyland or Someday Island. They smell of the grittiness of our strength.
Fantasize or build?
Maxwell has a great way of spreading truth out on the table. There are big differences in  those who are “Fantasizers” and those who are “Dream Builders”:
Rely on luck
Focus on the destination
Cultivate unhealthy expectations
Minimize the value of work
Look for excuses
Breed isolation
Avoid personal risks
Makes others responsible
Dream Builders.....
Rely on discipline
Focus on the journey
Cultivate healthy discontent
Lead to action
Generate momentum
Promote teamwork
Embrace risk as neccessary
Make themselves responsible
Focus instead of chance
Those who are successful in the long run don’t leave everything to chance. They focus on what they can and should do and then get busy doing it.
Go for it!!!!!!
The goal of Dreaming With Eleatta is to provide inspiration in your pursuit. It is intended to be on the sidelines as you race by, shouting, “Come on, keep going, you can do it!” We all need encouragement. So here’s a bit for you:

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

-- Mahatma Gandhi


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