November 03, 2010

Pursuing Your Dream: It's an Endurance Test, Not a Speed Test

Take time to ponder your dream.

The purpose of this blog is to offer a few words of encouragement in the pursuit of your dream.
Today’s post tackles the topic of examining the fine print of your aspiration.

Did you read the fine print?
Ann Landers wisely said ”Rose colored glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.”

Asking the hard questions
I chose to incorporate Put Your Dream to the Test, John C. Maxwell, into Dreaming with Eleatta  because I love his gritty approach to pursuing a dream. He rolls up his sleeves and rakes through hard questions. 

Time to unpack
Unpacking the subject of a dream is often handled in a manner similar to handling an egg carton. But Maxwell’s presuposition is that if a dream is rooted well enough within a person’s inate strengths, it is hearty enough to endure a neccessary testing process.There is a particular Maxwell maxim that drops through his writing like an anchor. “It is imperative, that you depend on factors that are within your control to acheive your dream.” In other words, make sure your dream grows from an area of strength in your life.It is then that it will be capable of withstanding the intense labor pains it must undergo. He offers this bit of advice:
It is imperative that you be prepared mentally and emotionally because:
1.The journey will take longer than you hoped.
2.The obstacles will be more numerous than you believed.
3.The disappointments will be greater than you expected. 
4.The lows will be lower than you expected.
5.The price will be higher than you anticipated.
It’s ironic, isn’t it?
 Ironically, it is the very process of enduring the journey, hurdling obstacles, overcoming disappointments, and paying the exacting price that we grow our character which in turn aids in the growing of our dream. We grow stronger as individuals.
An oxymoron, for sure!
My personal goal is to become an artistic realist. Eventhough this seems like an oxymoron, I suppose I am enough of a dreamer to think I can become more of a realist! HA! 
Planning to ponder
Becoming intentional about setting time aside to ponder and plan is one sure way to improve the journey of pursuing a new venture. It sheds light on the road we must take; often allowing us to sidestep obstacles. Taking time to pace ourselves also helps to maintain a sufficient emotional resovoir needed through the exacting price of pursuing a dream.
Here’s to the pursuit! I am reminding myself: It’s an endurance test - not a speed test. I’m cheering you on!


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