October 12, 2010

How Do You Spell Success?

"I'm Working on My Dream" by Eleatta
12"x!2" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

“Lead your life instead of just accepting your life” John Maxwell
We humans are an odd sort. We are so given to begrudge our lot rather than take ownership of the fact that we can, at any given moment, do SOMETHING to improve our circumstances.It’s so much easier to complain and point the finger and shift blame. It’s painful to accept the fact that we hold the keys to our own progress. 
A mirage of “success” often paralyzes us. Our internal definition of “success” will either chain us or free us. If we think that success is being on the front cover of Forbes, we will stay cornered in our inertia. If we define “success” as John Maxwell does in “Put Your Dream to the Test”, the door of the cage of our self imposed prison is flung open. “Success is doing the best you can with what you have wherever you start in life.” I like that. It is not parochial. It is not elitist. It levels the playing field.

So how do YOU define success?


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