February 01, 2011

Growth is optional

The purpose of this blog is to offer encouragement in the process of pursuing a dream, goal or aspiration.
" The Journey" from "Daily Dreams", an ongoing body of work.  A matted 5 x 7pastel painting,

I love this quote by John Maxwell:

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."
— John C. Maxwell
Only in Math class is the shortest distance between two points a straight line. In life's pursuit of a goal or dream, there is no such thing as "the shortest distance". There are too many twists, turns and challenges. 
In pursuing an aspiration, there are countless  moments where our internal compass must be adjusted and pointed afresh in order to stay the course.
The above painting, The Journey", is a page from my visual journal, "Daily Dreams", exploring the pursuit of a dream or goal. I've chosen to create the pathway as the focal point of the piece. I believe the journey, is in itself, our goal. The path, with it's continual challenges,  provides endless opportunities to grow as individuals and to have our character sharpened and refined. This crooked, winding path  is depicted in light tones to convey the spiritual aspect of adjusting our lives to the process of embracing the journey.



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