February 07, 2011

The Care and Feeding of a Dream

The purpose of this blog is to offer encouragement in the process of pursuing a dream, goal or aspiration.        
This past Friday evening I exhibited my most recent pieces from my "Hopes and Dreams" series. It was the first time many of the pieces had been shown. I loved listening to comments and interpretations of the work. My favorite was this," Oh, your work is about seeds and roots..."I smiled and nodded politely because I realized she was actually quite correct. 

  In exploring the topic of  human hopes, dreams and aspirations, a certain pattern of metaphor has emerged. Symbolizing a dream or hope, I have utilized a visual language of spheres or cells to represent the essence of  an aspiration. A hope is a lot like a seed pod within the human heart. I've also used imagery similar to roots because the dream must be rooted within us and draw nourishment from some source within our being.

The above sketch, part of "Daily Dreams", small, quick color studies for future works, opens up these combined notions. A dream, like a seed, takes root within our heart. It's roots push down far to draw nourishment from it's surroundings. 

In conceiving this piece, I reflected on the truth, "We Are What We Eat". Just as what we eat has a direct bearing on how we feel. What we feed our dream will directly affect it's health. For example, reading inspiring biographies of individuals who have accomplished  amazing aspirations can become potent fertilizer for the growth a development of a dream.

The converse is true as well. Listening to every "nay saying" friend or report can become as potent as poison.

A dream, goal or desire will flourish or struggle to the extent it is mindfully fed and tended.

So, tell me. How are you growing your dream?What books are you reading? What people are you surrounding yourself with? Tell me. I'd love to hear. 

As for me, I am reading John Maxwell's "Put Your Dream to the Test" as well and Chris Guillebeau' "Art of Non Conformity" both for the second time.


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