June 27, 2011

Are you Blue?

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A "dream portrait" from the Durham Dreams Series
"A Dream Of Freedom" by Eleatta (c) 36 x 48 Acrylic.

Why so blue?
In poking around articles to see what our favorite colors  reveal about our personalities, I have been especially interested to see what I could find concerning those who choose the color blue as their favorite hue. The reason for this curiosity is the fact that in painting a recent series of paintings, "Durham Dreams", almost half of  the individuals chose BLUE as their preferred color.

Durham Dreams
This body of work, "Durham Dreams",  is made up of what I call "dream portraits",  painted renderings of  the dreams, goals and aspirations of various leaders in the community where I live. Participants were selected on the basis of their visionary labor in strengthening the fabric of Durham N.C. Interviewing each candidate revealed not only their dream  for Durham, but also their favorite color palette, and artistic style. Six out of the selected twelve chose blue!

Responsibly blue
A  color-personality quiz on Better Homes and Garden ( BHG.com) , reveals interesting insights. According to studies, those who prefer the color blue generally exhibit certain qualities such as being or exhibiting:
 strong sense of duty

I must say that, in light of the candidates chosen for Durham Dreams, these characteristics are perfectly matched!

Dreaming of Freedom
The painting above represents Bill Shore's "dream" of bringing hope to East Durham schools. The symbolism in this  piece includes open doors and keys that represent opportunity.  A bird in flight and uplifted faces reflect a renewed faith and vision for life. Bill's color choice was, of course, blue. Not only does his selection depict the above  list of attribute, but it also hints of his alma mater, UNC!

What's your favorite color? What do you think it tells about you? Take the color-personality test and find out!


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