January 07, 2012

Another "Young Artists' Wall" Night!

Support Your Young Artists!

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”
–Albert Einstein

Having 3 of our 5 children seemingly born with incredibly strong "art" genes, I firmly believe in the power of encouraging this gifting.  Providing supplies, lessons as well as display opportunities and venues form a veritable launching pad from which they can experience growth and enjoyment. In  a desire to foster further encouragement, I want to invite boys and girls (ages 5 -15) to come show their work in my studio in January!

I am  excited to host the second "Young Artists' Wall"! I'm inviting young (visual) artists to come display their drawings or paintings in next month's "open studio" at Goldenbelt on January 20, 2012. 

Goldenbelt houses 45 artist studios in downtown Durham,NC. Each 3rd Friday of the month, all of the artists open their studios to the public. Your child will be my special guest in my own studio space (#114) and have an opportunity to share in the excitement of having their own "showing"for a few hours.

This month's "Young Artist's Wall" will have a special theme: 
"My favorite thing to do in Durham"

Here are the details:
* Contact info-Send me contact info letting me know you are interested at eleattadiver@gmail.com.
*One piece-Bring 1 piece of your child's art showing their favorite thing to do in Durham.  * Signature-Have them sign it. 
* Simple frame -Place it in a SIMPLE frame. (PLEASE!!! no pressure here! A simple "Dollar Store" frame is great!
*Index card-Accompanying each piece of art, please bring an index card with child's name and the title of their work.
*Children's art will not be priced. It will simply be enjoyed.
*Drop off- Child's art may be delivered to my studio on either of these dates:
                              Thursday Jan. 19 from 11:30AM-3:30PM
                               Friday Jan 20 from 5:30 -6:00PM

* Time for Goldenbelt's monthly 3rd Friday "open Studios"  is 6 -9 PM
* You may leave your child's art displayed or you may bring it home at 9PM
* My studio hours, in which you may pick-up art are Tuesday - Friday 11:30AM-3:30PM

There will also be light refreshments served during "open studio".

This will be a fun evening and a great moral booster for any young artist. My son, Bryan, will be sharing his music for our enjoyment.



I am a friend of Jeannette's. I met you at the Friday art walk in July. My 10 year old daughter, Hannah, has a mosaic that she would like to exhibit. It is not in a frame, but it is mounted on wood and has wall hanging hardware on the back. Your post said 2-3 pieces, but she only has one she wants to exhibit. Would that be okay? We could bring it on Friday between 5 and 6.


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