January 10, 2012

Just Peel It

"Just Peel It" by Eleatta (c) 36x48 acrylic $1,300
    Email! ugh!
   NO ONE really LIKES email. But there's one kind of email I do like. When I hear from someone who has seen a piece of my work and writes to tell me what it's meant to them. That can fuel my tank for a week - maybe even a month! This one recently sat in my inbox:

"I want to thank you for your art. It inspires me to keep pursuing my passions."

 Hopes and dreams - a common languge
   Since painting on the subject of human hopes and dreams in 2008, I've found myself in countless conversations with people, either electronically or in "real time", about the process of pursuing a dream or desire. It has become one of my favorite topics. Volumes could be written addressing the ways, means, challenges and agonies of this quest! When reduced to the simplest "step", however, most agree that it's simply in the beginning or the just starting somewhere that really matters. This painting, "Just Peel It", captures this aspect.

New Year's wish for you
   My hope for you is that you will find fresh grace and inspiration in 2012 to just peel your own juicy dream.

   This painting is currently on exhibit in the 311 Galleries & Studios :: Downtown Raleigh, NC, as part of a group show, Durham Does Raleigh --- Art No Bull.

 Just for fun, here are some photos of the show's opening:
Goldenbelt Exhibit at 311 Gallery

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