August 26, 2011

Which Window?

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"Dream Drops" by Eleatta (c) acrylic on 11x14 (sold)

About a year ago I created a "mini" series of paintings called "Dream Drops". The inspiration for these pieces  arose  out of
some advice
I found myself sharing with one of my children. In a conversation about how we are affected by our view of circumstances, I suggested the benefit of always choosing to "look up" and find the good. I shared that we always have choices.

We can decide to walk over to the window that holds no view other than a brick wall or we can turn and gaze out the open window.

One viewer sees only frustration and the other possibility.

 One viewer sees regret the other sees hope.

"Dream Drops" is a tribute to the choice we have to cultivate gratitude for all good things in our lives.


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