September 02, 2011

A Personal Gift

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"Freedom to Soar" by Eleatta mixed media on 11 x 14 tile ($75)
I was recently asked an interesting question: "What do you want people to "take away" from your paintings? That was easy. Hope. It's my opinion that having hope is like correctly buttoning the first button of a shirt. When it is properly aligned, all the rest slip into place.

This is a sample from some recently completed pieces in which I am using nature filled symbols to convey messages of hope, strength and fortitude. These can be seen on exhibit in a fabulous new spa in downtown Durham,The Retreat .

One of my favorite authors, Seth Godin, often speaks about the importance of being generous, grace-dispensing"artists". Although he speaks of artists in a broad sense of the word clarifying that art is not only a painting or sculpture etc., art is anything that is passionate, personal and creative. Specifically, his definition: "Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient." resonates deeply with me!

It is my desire that you are lifted in hope when you view my art and read this blog!


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