September 13, 2011

Take Time to Play

The power of playing!

Children play instinctively.We adults need prompts and reminders.  We forget how to play as we grow. Since  offering "Art Parties" in my studio at Golden Belt-, I have been amazed by the powerful affect created by simply giving permission to "play". "Party"-goers leave with rejuvenated spirits and empowered confidence. Additionally, they also tote along a beautiful piece of art to adorn their walls as well as a wonderful memory of time spend with friends or family.

These are some pics of our most recent "Art Party". The next one is scheduled for Oct. 8. This one will be in the evening(from 6:30-9). It will be a special "Girls Night Out" theme complete with chocolate sampling and wine sipping.

I love seeing the uniqueness of each individual's painting!

 This was my "sample" for this past "Party". Acrylic on 12 x 12 canvas 
I could see each person's personality shine through their work!
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