April 18, 2012

"Up, Up and Away!": One Mother's Dream

"To a New Place" by Eleatta  ©2012 40"x30" $750

A surprise visitor  
During a routine "open studio" at Golden Belt's Third Friday , a young woman approached me about being involved with a unique community art project, Behind the Seen Hesitant to say "yes" to crowding another thing on my too full plate, I was surprised to be easily persuaded as she explained its purpose. 

So, what's it all about?
Using art  as a medium to spread awareness of families' difficulties with children experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges, the art, she explained, was aimed at offering encouragement to the families involved and to help them feel less isolated in their struggle. I quickly replied, "I'm in."Being a Mom, a parent is challenging enough. When there are complicated conditions thrown into the mix, it can be really challenging!

Back in time
My mind raced back to about 13 years ago when my youngest child was being diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and ADHD. Remembering how alone, isolated and helpless I felt, I felt I could identify with these families at a profoundly deep level!

16 artists:4 families
Four families, selected to take part in sharing their lives, were matched with sixteen artists.
I was paired with a brave single adoptive mother and her precious daughter.

Meeting with brave love 

During my interview with a brave, loving mom, she relayed her desire to see her daughter 

transcend the difficulties she's experienced. I teared up hearing her dream of her 

daughter's future possibilities and her present daringness, interests and fantasies. While 

listening, I searched for images and metaphor that I might be able to translate into a Dream 

Portrait . Upon hearing her daughter's two favorite things in life - horses and super heros - I 

knew I'd found the right direction to take my painting!

Being struck with the Mom's regal strength, I captured her as a "warrior" woman and quickly 

easily cloaked the daughter in a super hero type of costume. Together they are ascending 

up, up over their trials and are leaping to a new dawn in their lives. 

Here is a brief interview with Gail Cormier, executive director of North Carolina Families United, the family support and advocacy organization that's hosting Behind the Seen.

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