April 20, 2012

Power Doodling

"Lassoing Dreams"by Eleatta 2009© 36x48 $1,500

I joined the ranks
In transitioning out of a teaching role into the "full time artist" role, I have joined the ranks of the creative entrepreneur. The artist's challenge is to not only think creatively in developing his or her work, but also in translating that work into income. Being confident of this decision I have just tried to keep an open eye to opportunities. Art Parties by Eleatta were birthed. Recently there's another opportunity on the horizon.

A graphic-visual what?
MaryAnn Black, one of the participants of Durham Dreams, invited me to be a graphic (visual recorder for this year's 11th Durham Health Summit.in the lovelyWashington Duke Inn with an estimated 600 people present.

The power of yes
Here's the catch- I've NEVER, EVER done this before but am eager to give it my best. I'll include you, my friend, in this learning process -for better or for worse! I'm really quite interested in this field. The pay is quite well and all that's needed is an ability to doodle!….Well, there's a little more than that, but it's certainly tailor made for "right brain dominants", it seems.

How'd you do THAT?
I was thinking about the way in which I was offered this job and was reminded of the ditty, "one thing leads to another". By painting MaryAnn's .dream , I was "woven" into this opportunity.

A divine thread
In a painting series I did a few years ago, exploring human hopes,dreams and aspirations  Lassoing Dreams captured the idea that just as no man is an island, neither is any dream accomplished in a vacuum. There is always a thread of relationships and divinely orchestrated encounters.

So, guess what I'm doing this week? Brushing up on my doodling skills!

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