December 09, 2011

Practice Patience

"Patience"by Eleatta © 12 x 12 acrylic canvas $95

This quiet little painting illustrates a great truth attributed to the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin 
                          "Patience is also a form of action." ~Auguste Rodin

Patience is not usually associated with "power" attributes, but it is pivotal to  successful living. Contrary to popular opinion, patience is not something that some specially chosen people are just born with.Patience is a choice and we CAN make a decision to cultivate patience. 

What exactly is patience, anyway?

Well, that could be a lengthy answer, but, simply stated, it has two main components:

1. It is is a persistence in our capacity to keep on going even though you can’t yet see the end result.
2. It is a decision to make peace with the "now" moment in which we find ourselves. This one act results in a boat load of peace!

Why is patience so important?

Besides making those around you a heck of a lot happier to live or work with you, it keeps that deathly trait, anger, from squeezing life's juices right out of us!
Here are 6 little acts that can help the seedlings of patience grow stronger:
  1. Eat more slowly. 
  2. Stand in a long checkout lane and smile on the inside - even on the outside.
  3. Spend time in nature and really notice!
  4. Watch a child at play.
  5. Smile a lot more.
  6. Breathe deeply on purpose.

What is the hardest thing for you to be patient with? How do you think you might change that?

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