December 12, 2011

Am I the Only One?

"Fields of Hope II"by Eleatta © 2011 acrylic 12"x12" $95
 Am I the only one?
I don't know about you, but sometimes I catch myself thinking strains of thought that I know are not healthy! Don't worry, I don't mean thoughts of jumping off a high bridge or anything, but just normal unhealthy stuff like,"That was a really stupid thing for me to say! or "See, she sold her painting, who am I to think anyone's ever going to buy this thing, anyway?"

1 Odd Thing and 2 Truths:
 The odd thing is, however, that no matter who I talk to, it seems everybody thinks these sort of thoughts at least some times! It's strange that we humans are so prone to sabotage ourselves. We should all just call a truce with our brains. Truth be told, there have been times that I've just blurted out loud "Just be quiet!"as a means of jarring my thoughts back into the proper grooves. Another truth to tell is our thought-life has incredible power in how our day plays out….even how our very lives play out!

Thoughts are seeds
 Negative thoughts blow into our mind as easily as dandelion seeds. They float noiselessly and creep into crevices without warning, adversely affecting our outlook. There's an unseen war on our minds which the wise person knows how to detect and do combat.

Rules of engagement:
 Here are some suggestions for dealing with "seed management":
1. Stop and do periodic checks on what kind of thoughts you are entertaining.
2. Purposely sweep out the negative and sprinkle the good, by taking mental stoke of things for which you are thankful.
3.  Encourage someone. (This is one of the best ways to give your own brain a truck load of life-giving thought-seeds!)
4. Smile more- even for no reason at all… just smile.

  These are 4 of my best ways of keeping my thought life growing good things! Now, it's your turn. How do you manage your "brain battles"?

The painting above, Field of Hope II, is available (through this link) for purchase.

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